Server scalability explained by a web-comic


On request of the guys of Not Invented Here I have adjusted this post to merely contain 1 actual image of the entire sequence rather than the entire sequence. They are right, the comic should be read where it comes from, they need to eat as well! 🙂 No hard feelings, sorry for the inconvenience of not having the full set in one go though. I understand that was very much appreciated.


A short intermezzo in which I do not write much sensible. I felt the need to collect this set of comics and share them with an audience who might not yet know it.

I love what “Not invented here” is doing with their latest set of explanations of scalability according to Owen.

Quite often I get to explain hard-to-explain stuff to people, like account managers. project managers etc. who are technically not always the strongest people and may not really grasp the subject of scalability for example. I believe that, with it’s humor this comic does make a clear point… Up to you to decide what you want this point to be.

First episode on Scalability and the terminology

Scalability balloon…

Why care about scalability

Server farms, Round Robins and of course Load Balancing


Spreading your data and finding your data

If more installments of this series on scalability according to Owen appear they will for sure be added here! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Server scalability explained by a web-comic

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