My personal, professional code of ethics as a tester

Inspired by both my own previous post, but mostly by a response to my post on the Software Testing Club by Ainers Galvans I decided to follow his good example and write what I believe to be my professional code of ethics as a tester.

What is a Code of Ethics?

A code of ethics, or ethical code, is, in my view the following:

  • a set of rules set up to understand the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and to apply this understanding in my decision-making.

My professional code of ethics

I have tried to keep my professional code of ethics short and understandable. Where I believe more than a one-liner is needed I have tried to keep the explanation as short and clear as possible

  • I am always honest and do not attempt to prettify information or feedback. I expect others to treat me likewise.
  • If I can get a job done in less hours than agreed, I will do so and inform my customer that the amount of time spent was less. If I cannot get a job done in the amount of hours agreed, I will inform my customer of this as soon as I can.
  • I honour (mutual) agreements. Both verbal and written agreements as well as meetings. When I agree to something I will do what I can to honor that agreement. E.g. when I agree to come to a meeting I will do what is needed and possible to be at that meeting.
  • I try to waste as little time as possible. Both my own time and my customers’ time is valuable so if I see a way to speed things up without losing efficiency and quality, I will try to speed things up.
  • I need to see the point and added value in the things I am supposed to do. A task or a job that seems pointless to me and of which the added value remains unclear to me gives me zero motivation, which would reflect on the quality of the execution, therefore it is a must for me to see what the added value of  the task is.
  • I will always try to learn something new, regardless of the situation.

Generally I try not to compromise this set, but it is of course not a black and white set of rules, there are shades of grey as there are in all things in life. These are my professional basics which i personally am trying to stick to. There of course might be quite some additional insights to build up on top of those, which are appropriate for and depending on each customer / situation / task etc.

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