Educational reflections of a fairly successful tester

Experience in any field comes through learning and perfecting the skills and knowledge you apply in many different areas. Working in the software testing industry has taught me a lot, over the years I have gained quite some programming skills, analytic skills, people management skills, learned a lot about all the different testing theories, read a boat load of books about testing, programming, test automation and quality assurance, heard a lot of people speak about it and gained quite a broad general knowledge of testing, or so I hope. All of this knowledge I apply, fairly successfully, on a daily basis in my job.
So what would it take for me to go from fairly successful to very successful? Do I need to gain some more specific knowledge? If so what exactly?

I love learning new things overall and related to my job in particular, i enjoy studying to get new ideas and get my mind challenged making space for the most unexpected and fresh approaches, perceptions and solutions.

Working for Polteq gives me an advantage of my employer providing quite a lot of trainings I can sign up for. Unfortunately when going over that list there is not all that much I would want to study at this point. I have studied books on TMap and ISTQB, ITIL, Prince, TQM and many other subjects, why would I now all of a sudden need to do courses in it?
Agreed, it might give me some new ideas, but it will not really challenge my mind I believe, especially since the courses are mainly oriented towards gaining certification in these subjects.

A while ago I needed to hand in an overview of my “educational needs” to my manager in order for the company to see how many people have desires in a similar direction and thus which courses they can arrange with a fair sized group. My answer to this request went something like this:

I feel a need in further education, however, at the moment I have no clear ideas in which direction I would want / need this education to be.

I am inclined however to say that my education should be oriented more towards gaining skills, both testing skills and softskills, given the frame of work I am being inspired by at the moment. This will help ensure moving test automation within Polteq and the testing community to the next level, the thing that i am aiming to in my professional life at the moment.

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