All my automated tests are passing, what’s wrong?

The other day I had an interesting discussion with some developers within a scrumteam I am part of. We were discussing the use of test automation within the team and how to deal with the changing requirements, code and environments, which would lead to failing tests.

They gave the clear impression they were very worried about tests failing. I asked them what would be wrong with tests failing in a regression set during sprints, which led them to look at me with a question in their faces: Why would a tester want tests to fail??
If anything I would automated tests expect to fail, at least partially.

While automating in sprint I’m assuming things to be in a certain state, for example I’m assuming that when I hit the search button nothing happens, in the next sprint I really hope this test will break, meaning the search button is leading me to some form of a result page. That way all tests are, just like the rest of the code, continuously in flux and get constantly updated and refactored.

This of course fully applies to automating tests within a sprint, when automating for regression or end-to-end testing however, I would rather expect my tests to pass. Or at least the majority of regression tests should keep passing consistently.